Nearly 20 years ago, Lyons Construction founder,  Tony Lyons placed his name on what is now known as Lyons Construction. Believing that hard work and integrity pays off, Lyons Construction has grown significantly since offering residential concrete service, and is now regularly awarded large government/military and industrial concrete contracts.

In the mid 90’s, Lyons Construction took form as a small scale carpentry company in Crestview, Florida. Following years of success and growth into new areas of construction, Lyons Construction began to specialize in residential concrete projects, including home foundations, sidewalks, curbing, and eventually grew to take on commercial, industrial, and government projects. After being awarded repeat government projects in the mid-2000’s, Lyons Construction gained family member, business partner, and essential lead-man Nathan Lyons to help manage the business growth and size of the new projects.

Transition To Multi-Generational

As a father of three boys (now grown men), Tony Lyons has gained the essential family help and leadership of his sons Lee, Max, and Jon. Each have taken a specific and essential role in the company’s growth and trajectory. See more about the Lyons Family in Key Leadership.

Today, Lyons Construction is a known for high-quality workmanship, professionalism, safety, hard work, and high ethical standards as a concrete construction company servicing the Florida Panhandle (Counties of Okaloosa, Walton, Escambia, Santa Rosa, Bay, Washington, Holmes), Southern Alabama, Southwest Georgia, and Southeast Mississippi.