Bob Hope Village 5: New Independent Living Apartments

“Everything you see here has been built without a single dollar of state, federal or local government money. It’s been self-sufficient, good stewardship, good management and great philanthropy.” – Don Gaetz, NWF Daily News

The Bob Hope Village 5 project in Shalimar, FL was awarded to Lord & Son Construction, who has contracted Lyons Construction to perform all concrete construction for this project.

For Lyons Construction, this project will entail constructing, pouring, and finishing all four apartment building first floor foundations, elevator and sump pits, pouring and finishing second and third story elevated floors for all buildings, and finishing the project up with all exterior concrete including sidewalks, drainage areas, dumpster pads, HVAC pads, and curbing.

Daybreak, Day One For Lyons Construction


To view the ongoing process, view updates on the Lyons Construction Facebook Page


Information on the Air Force Enlisted Village below.


Air Force Enlisted Village General Information

The Air Force Enlisted Village provides a home for surviving spouses of our former military heroes and to moms of current active duty airmen. Our purpose is to give our military family members a safe, secure home, treat them with the dignity and respect we reserve for our own moms, and care for them into their golden years. Active, independent living is available at Bob Hope Village and Teresa Village, while assisted living is available at the Hawthorn House.

About The Air Force Enlisted Village

The Air Force Enlisted Village (formerly the Air Force Enlisted Widows Home Foundation), was founded in 1967 after the Air Force Sergeant’s association conducted a survey and found that over 50,000 widows of enlisted men were living in poverty. A group of active duty and retired Air Force noncommissioned officers with the assistance of former Air Force Chief of Staff General and Mrs. John D. Ryan set about to correct this deficiency. Their goal was to provide a home for surviving spouses of enlisted Air Force members. The Foundation was incorporated in Washington, D. C. in 1968 and granted federal tax-exempt status as a nonprofit 501(C)(3) corporation in 1971. The Village was recognized as an official Air Force charity in 1973. Support through the Air Force Assistance Fund was granted that same year and those donations are earmarked specifically for indigent widows. 

The Village’s primary mission is to offer housing and financial assistance to surviving spouses of enlisted Air Force members. Those spouses with the greatest need have priority. Low pay and frequent military moves leave some dependants without the opportunity of careers, home equities, retirement plans or any significant assets.

Surviving spouses applying for long-term residence at Bob Hope or Teresa Villages must be at least 55 years of age, have a valid identification card and must be able to live independently. Those who can no longer safely live on their own are now able to be at home in the Hawthorn House. Surviving spouse of enlisted members who served in other branches of the military are admitted on a space-available basis, but aren’t eligible for financial assistance.

We also help active duty members as well. Temporary housing is available to spouses of enlisted members who die or who are killed on active duty. Adult dependents – typically parents of active duty members or their spouses – are eligible for permanent housing on a space-available basis.

Housing is provided at two locations – Teresa Village in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., and Bob Hope Village in nearby Shalimar and the Hawthorn House is located on the Bob Hope Village campus. Both are only minutes from Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field.

A 64-apartment assisted living facility with a memory care wing – Hawthorn House – is a two-story facility, which features all the amenities of a top-of-the-line complex. The residence sits on five acres of land in the Bob Hope Village campus. The completion of this project has enabled us to realize a dream – to provide assisted care to the members of our military family who have given so much to our country.